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Is It Better To Work Onsite Or Remotely? My Experience.

In recent years, the debate over whether it’s better to work remotely or onsite has become super relevant. A recent study found that 48% …
George Phipps
Enhance your career development

How To Enhance Your Career Development: Proven Strategies

Career development is an ongoing process that involves identifying your skills, interests, and goals, and taking steps to achieve them. Enhance your career development …
George Phipps

Who’s behind the site?

Hi, I am George Phipps, a 29-year-old corporate worker for a global tech/entertainment company.

I live with my wife and daughter in the San Francisco Bay Area, having recently relocated from the United Kingdom.

I started Productivity Nest because I am passionate about helping parents grow in their careers without sacrificing family life. I have over 4 years of experience in remote/hybrid working, juggling life as a new father, and developing my career from a call center role to a Fortune 500 company.

George Phipps, founder of Productivity Nest