Who’s behind Productivity Nest?

Hi, I am George Phipps, a 29-year-old corporate worker for a global tech/entertainment company.

I live with my wife and daughters in the San Francisco Bay Area, having recently relocated from the United Kingdom.

I started Productivity Nest because I am passionate about helping parents integrate their careers with their parenting lives. I have over 4 years of experience in remote/hybrid working, juggling life as a new father, and developing my career from a call center role to a Fortune 500 company.

George Phipps, founder of Productivity Nest

Why Productivity Nest?

Welcome to Productivity Nest, I created this resource to help parents integrate their corporate careers with their parenting lives. We believe in choosing a career that complements the life you want to lead with your family, prioritizing family over career success while still achieving professional growth. Just like the warmth and comfort of a nest, this platform embraces the essence of home, serving as the nurturing ground for your pursuit of work-life integration.

Find practical tips, real-life stories, and a supportive community dedicated to blending corporate career goals with family life from a dad’s perspective.

My Journey

  • (June 2016): Straight out of university I started in an inbound sales role at British Airways Executive Club.
  • (July 2017): Aged 22, I married the love of my life.
  • (March 2018): I got a new job role at British Airways Holidays in the greater London area, where I moved into an operational role, and then transitioned into an e-commerce/marketing role.
  • (November 2020): After working remotely for a few months with British Airways, I landed a dream job at a Fortune 500 entertainment/tech company in an e-commerce, conversion optimization role.
  • (Feb 2021): Our first daughter was born.
  • (July 2023): I was offered an international transfer to the same company’s US HQ in San Franciso where I currently reside with my family.
  • (June 2024): Our second daughter was born.

I can’t wait to connect with you!